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                The hopes heartaches and dreams of a young woman’s soul.  Official Press Release.

                Author Amanda Kirby has only had her book out a few months and has already  received FIVE STAR reviews for her inspirational book “The Hopes Heartaches and Dreams Of A Young Woman’s Soul” on and This book is an emotional journey that has the reader reeling from the first page. She has captured the aspects of life that most people don’t dare to cover. Her poetry is inspirational, moving and captivates every emotion that anyone can go through in a life time. As in this very powerful poem.  “My Guardian Angel Watches Over Me” 

“ I dance through your dreams as butterflies and signs of life. You look at me and see things you thought were gone. I look through your soul, and see a kind person who doesn’t know how to show love. Someone who has been hurt too many times. I see a heart that needs to heal. A woman who doesn’t know how to feel. I also see a woman who needs to look inside herself. To see the good she thought was gone. “

The reviews are amazing one review writes “I didn’t put it down until it was done! Some of the things she writes about are so powerful and hits so close to home for me I haven’t felt this way in YEARS. This is a POWERFUL collection of modern poetry and it belongs in every school library. “The Hopes, Heartaches and Dreams of a Young Woman’s Soul” is highly inspirational and very recommended.” This is one of the best reviews i have read for a book in a long time. Another reviewer says, “Amanda Kirby has put together some moving and beautiful thoughts in this collection. In sharing her own experiences she tells us in her introduction that she wants to help others – and I think she has done so. There are some lovely descriptions of Nature and there is a lot of insight into relationships. I particularly liked the line, written about her husband-to-be just before their wedding, ‘He has given my heart a song,’ but there are many other moving thoughts. As a fellow Christian I loved her description of Heaven in one poem, and of her own experience of meeting the Lord in another, ‘Saved.'” these reviews are not typical of a young writer. Amanda has many influences in her life from the Christian way she was raised to her everyday life. If you are interested in reading her all inspiring book here are the links:

Amanda also has a fan page of and an Author fan page where authors and fans can connect to each other. Here are those links.

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