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Published May 29, 2012 by heartachesanddreams




me on the news talking bout my book anyone who whats can look me up on FB if u r there too…. I HAVE A fAN PAGE


long day

Published May 24, 2012 by heartachesanddreams

wow its been a long day babysat my friends kids. had my kids and the grand kids came over. did get some work done though. called the news. called the papers. let a lot of people know about up comming events glad its about time for bed.

excerpts from the book.

Published May 23, 2012 by heartachesanddreams

here are a few excerts from the book

. TO SEE YOU AGAIN I have seen you in my dreams from time to time. Each time bringing back a lesson I seem to have forgotten. I have also learned to cherish the life I have left. I never know when my time will come to join you in the place people seek to find the most.


LAST GOOD BYE In my head though you have gone away, I see you every hour of every day. Our fun ended a long time ago, With the coming of the first winter snow
 SMILE BABYGIRL Smile baby girl your time will come when true love will find you. God’s got something else planned for you. You have more things in store. A part of his plan someday when things go right. You will find a … love in sight.  
ok heres one for you animal lovers out there
 THE WOLF AND THE UNTAIMED SOUL As he sees the girl approach his eyes turn on her. She feels no fear and sheds only one tear. For she has raised him from pup to alpha male. She knows it is him by the shimmering white in his tail
 these are just a few of many if you like these please look up the book at or  soon to be avaliable in e-book format.