The Unicorn Mage NOW AVAILABLE !!

Published October 8, 2013 by heartachesanddreams

The Unicorn Mage NOW AVAILABLE !!



NEW illustrations

Published May 19, 2013 by heartachesanddreams

should come out with in the next two weeks The unicorn mage series is off to a good start i have started on book 2


Published April 15, 2013 by heartachesanddreams

On a sorrow filled windy night the
the angels above take flight
Coming to take away some one you love
to give them their wings up above.
With her last breath
her final good bye
Leaving family here as they mourn and cry
They will think of her often
as her lord she meets.
Living on forever
in their heartbeats
The wind picks up
it knows her last breath is coming soon
The angels gather to sing
as they escort her home.
Natures own spring was her favorite time
though its sad to think
with the next she wont be here
there is sorrow in her loved ones tears
yet joy meets them in their hearts
with the life she led she will be greatly missed
her family knows this is not deaths kiss
Her vessel now vacant
she has gone home to watch over those she loves
from beside the lords thrown
she is still guiding us in her own special way
she knows she will see us all again some day.